As part of our continuing endeavour to further the interest of folklore and community development, we are happy to announce our three new publications. These books make important contributions to the world of academic research, in the genre of Folklore and Anthropology.

We invite scholars worldwide to review our books, the details of which are as follows:

  • Vagri Material Culture

Author: S. Bhakthavatsala Bharathi

Price: Rs. 800 in India; Rest of the world: US$40.
A bilingual, colourful photographic documentation of the Vagri's
material culture. Vagris or the Narikuruvas are an ethnic nomadic
community largely settled in South India and the book is aimed at
facilitating the Vagris in visualising their own culture, in addition
to forming a repository of their cultural knowledge.

  • Playing with the Children of the Forest

Author: Ksheerasagar

Price: Rs. 250 in India; Rest of the world: US$10.

The book deals with Jenukuruba children of Girijan Haadi, in Karnataka,
South India. The Jenukurubas are a forest dwelling tribe who have
now been dislocated from their natural habitat.


  • Learning and Embodying Caste, Class and Gender:

    Patterns of Childhood in Rural Tamil Nadu

Author: Gabriele Alex

Price: Rs. 400 in India; Rest of the world: US$15.
Based on factors such as caste and class, and ethnicity,
these ethnographic insights deconstruct ideas of a pan
Indian model of childhood.


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