Research Proposals

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 Anwar Ali Khori“Documenting Gyan community”

Arup Bordoloi : “Bhari Gan: The Folk Theatrical Art Form prevalent among the Rabha Tribes of Assam”

Arupa Lahiry : “Crossing the Bridge, Baul & Beyond: An attempt to understand Baul philosophy from the perspective of a classical dancer”

Eudora Khonglah: ‘Jaintia folk theater with emphasis on the Cultural tradition called Bamphalar”

Faguna Barmahalia : “Tradiional theater of Rabhas in Assam”

Harekrishna Taludkar : “Paitkar Painting: A folk art of Eastern India”

Indraneel Lahiri : “Archiving Performances of Kondhei Nacho”

 Indu Swami : “The Karbi tribe of North-East India, exploring and documenting their folk religion”

Karuna Kakati“Folk Music and Musical Instruments of the Mishings of Assam”

Kelleney K. Suting : “Behdeinkhlam festival of the Pnars”

Lemtila Alinger : “Traditional folk songs of Ao Nagas”

Lilly kutty  Abraham : “Documentation of the folklore of Mavilan Tribe of Kannur district of Kerala”

Moushumi Bhattacharjee : “Specific traditions of Putula Naach followed by Assam Puppet Theater”

Neishoning Koireng : “Baites community with special reference to Material Culture and Performing folk arts”

Padmini Rangarajan : “Revivial of wodden string puppetry of Ammanapuram, Andhra Pradesh”

Pallavi Dutta : “The folk music and dance performance of Tiwa Community of North east India”

Pankaja Sethi – : “Narrating the cultural context of Dongria Kondh aboriginal in relation to textiles and wall paintings”

Prachi Dublay“Tribal Folk Music & Folklore of the Tribe called Mishing, North East Assam”

Purnasmriti Kalita : “The Siphung and the Folk music of the Bodos”

Rakesh Soud : “Elephants in Ethnicity and Folklore of Rabha tribes of Assam”

Saigeetha : “Tradition and Medicine – In Mother’s Satchel”

Saswati Bordoloi : “Customs of the Plain Karbi related to Environment”

Sateesh : “Style of Learning and Performance of Folk Music Tradition ‘Muttum Viliyum'”

Savita Uday “Studying and preserving the oral traditions of the Gamokkalu Tribe of Uttara Kannada”

Shankajeet De : “A research on Ravana Chhaya”

Sudhir Kumar : “An analysis of the Lok Utsav Kathas of Jharkhand”

Subhabrita Gosh : “The tradition of Nagara Nam: A performance art form of lower Assam”

Tomba Singh : “Folklore and Folklife of the Chiru of Manipur”

Veena Nair : “Oral Epics of Mannan Tribe, Kerala”

Zothanchhingi Khiangte : “Folktales of Simite”

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